“Everybody wants to win. But the fans know one team is going to win and one team’s going to lose even before they get to the ballpark. But to come with the spirit of having fun... of laughing, of joking, of making trickery, of booing an umpire, or cheering a star, all the emotions are there. And whoever designed the phrase ‘the agony of defeat’ and ‘the ecstasy of victory’ certainly covered it all. But, it’s a game. Enjoy it.” - Harry Caray, 4th Inning

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Few Moments of Grace. Mark Grace.

Morgan's Spotty Effort

"This isn't something I did, but it's too funny not to be in here somewhere. We're in Florida, and it's ungodly hot. Mike Morgan is on the mound, and this guy's a profuse sweater to begin with. I mean, he could sweat in a blizzard. So we're in the fifth inning, and he's just dying. He's lost about 40 pounds in water weight, and we've got him a bunch of runs, so we're just trying to get him through the fifth to get him the win. Well, at one point we go to the mound, and he's really struggling. He says, 'I'm scuffling here, guys. I'm starting to see spots.' Then there's this silence for a second, and Buechele pipes up. He says, 'Well, then just hit your spots.' Might've been the funniest thing I've ever heard in a mound conference."

Rick Sutcliffe Lit Up

"One day when I was with the Cubs, we were in Cincy, where they'd set off fireworks after a home run, and Sut gives up back-to-back home runs. So there's fireworks going off all over the place, Sut's [ticked] off, and here comes our pitching coach, Billy Connors. Well, like I said, Sut's [ticked] already, so as soon as he sees Billy he says, "Get your fat [butt] back in the dugout. I know what I'm doing out here. And tell [manager Don] Zimmer to settle down, too." But Billy keeps coming, and when he gets there he says, very calmly, "I know you know what you're doing. I'm just giving the guy who sets the fireworks off time to reload."

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