“Everybody wants to win. But the fans know one team is going to win and one team’s going to lose even before they get to the ballpark. But to come with the spirit of having fun... of laughing, of joking, of making trickery, of booing an umpire, or cheering a star, all the emotions are there. And whoever designed the phrase ‘the agony of defeat’ and ‘the ecstasy of victory’ certainly covered it all. But, it’s a game. Enjoy it.” - Harry Caray, 4th Inning

Friday, May 05, 2006

Gee, is it getting toasty in here?

Last night, I was disappointed and relieved to see that DIRECTV was not carrying the Cubs game in any capacity. It was one of those nights when both teams were being televised on their local broadcast partners, of which, usually, DIRECTV has no part of: in most cases this is Arizona, Philadelphia and San Diego. In any event, I'd say the Cubs picked a good night to hit up their friends at WCIU.

I was hoping for a Marshall-esque performance from Rich Hill, but I wouldn't have bet too much on it. So from now on, I think we should start issuing fines to people who compare him to Barry Zito. I'm really glad they have the same curveball, but I don't think he knows what to do with it. Hill sure does know how to make excuses; I saw a few 'bites in the paper about how he went back to AAA and fixed his presence on the mound, and really got things together. That's good, I know there's nothing more that frightens hitters than a solid presence when you're leaving 88mph fastballs up in the zone. It actually reminded me of a priceless article someone wrote for the Sun-Times in the Spring of '99 about how Matt Karchner got back to basics and went back to the slide-step and it was a "revelation." Did I mention how much I still hate Matt Karchner?

Anyway, there really isn't much to say about last night. Our offense is anemic, and I really don't think a Jeff Conine or Kevin Millar is going to help matters any. As for the pitching: When you consider that Greg Maddux has to return to Earth at some point, our rotation is in tatters- I like Marshall, but he is still a rookie who has had his best starts against the NL's worst. I've all but given up on Zambrano, whose poor attitude and tendency to show up his teammates are worrisome habits becoming much more magnified under the scope of innefective pitching.

And this is all leading to the thesis of this blog-post: I think Baker's chair might be heating up. Look, I don't care who goes down- I know D-Lee is a big loss, but you know what, this team has GOT TO PLAY BETTER. Play with some fire! I've seen worse teams play with much more intensity. Obviously, Baker's Cubs have never heard of the Ewing Theory: When a team loses their biggest star, the other guys band together and play out of their mind to prove something. And ultimately, if a team is misfiring on all cylinders, you have to start at the top.

Call this the Trump "Apprentice" Theory: As team manager, you have to take responsibility for your workers.

Donald: "Dusty... do you know why you're in the board room? You are the "team manager" for a group that could not overcome any obsticles. You know, back when I was buying the most beautiful buildings in New York, and turning them into the most luxurious living spaces in the world, I had to overcome a lot. There were plenty of days when the people who worked for me acted like they didn't want to be there, and there were plenty of times when the people who I needed the most couldn't be there for me... But you know what? I found a way to make it work. And Dusty... you're not making it work. Every day your guys are phoning it in, which means you're phoning it in. Dusty... You're fired."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a long suffering cubs fan I enjoy your blogs.
Keep up the good work.


11:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Hill's last start how many runs did he give up???? I belive the lack of hitting and the relivers gave that game up, not the starter. You cant expect your starters to throw complete game shutouts every time. Hill hasnt been great this year, but he is showing good improvement with his last start. This is way Guzman went back to the minors and Hill did not.

2:49 PM


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