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Thursday, May 04, 2006

You know what, you're right!

The subject line here refers to a quote by an alleged member of the Chicago Cubs baseball club:

"I'm just going to be one more guy in the rotation, trying to do my job," he
[Kerry Wood] said. "I'm not going to look at it by any means of being a savior.
It's almost ridiculous for people to think that."

You know what, Mr. Wood? That's right, it is absolutely ridiculous. Speaking on behalf of Cub Nation here, I think we're pretty worn out from counting on you all these years to be a savior. So thanks for being honest with us... Another sentence on how you fully expect to break down in a few months would have been great, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

My apologies for being out of the loop, but sometimes real life/work interferes with the world of CubsWatch. While I was away, it looks as though the ship known as the 2006 Chicago Cubs have sprung a few more leaks. Maybe it's time to inject a bit of reality into the situation: We're in a lot of trouble without D-Lee.

I know, I know: Duh.

A few thoughts:

a) I think Hendry did the right thing with Juan D'Vaughn Pierre (yes, actually his middle name) by holding off on an extension-- I know he brings value to the lineup, but am starting to believe, as others have said, he might be on the decline. I know I was expecting the 2003-2004 guy who hit in the mid .300s and had an OBP in the upper .300s; Both of those figures dropped in 2005, and in the 26 games played thus far, they have shrunk further. Let's see how he responds to the hot weather and middle months, but as of right now, it doesn't look like those numbers were an aberration. If we're in serious trouble at the deadline, he'll make fine tradebait. I know I'll miss watching the lil' guy at the plate with his lil' cap underneath the helmet... but, it might be the right move. (Jayson Stark, if you're out there, can you tell us if JP is the only MLB player EVER to mimick little leaguers with the hat under the helmet thing?)

b) Aramis. Get your bat going. Now.

c) Ronny. You're beautiful, kid. Don't go changing!

d) Murton. You too.

e) I read that Prior is way behind Wood and Miller, and actually suffered from food poisoning in Arizona just the other day. Obviously this sets him back even further. Quite honestly, I think Prior must have had Tommy John surgery and the Cubs are keeping him locked in their own Area 51, while they continue to put out these weird quasi-rehab rumors. This is seriously odd stuff. And Wade Miller's shoulder is tight. Great guys, really great.

I'm too aggravated by the lackadasical play and weak offense to really write more... but I'll leave you with this thought:

Is Glendon Rusch actually Edgar Stiles (24)?



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